Tina Curran-Taylor Claim

As an integrative therapist, I combine traditional psychotherapy techniques with energy psychology techniques, and nutritional education. The goal is to enhance your ability to develop a new approach to managing the influences of past and any limiting beliefs that interfere with your ability to create the relationships and experiences that you desire. Often we experience events that leave lasting impressions. Some of these impressions are difficult to detect and can run like the location app on our phone just draining our battery. Beliefs such as ‘I am weak…’ ‘I can only be happy when this happens…’ or ‘I will never get over this…’ influence how we interact with others and how we talk to ourselves. The reality is, that with the right combination of therapeutic techniques, coaching and support, we can change the patterns we are aware of and even bring awareness to change patterns that have been running in the background of our mind. My therapeutic style is characterized by empowering clients while encouraging accountability by using education, coaching, and proven therapeutic techniques. Integrating humor and sprinkling self-disclosure creates a relatable and casual environment to do the important work you are here to do. Often you will walk out with notes from our session listing the main points of the session and homework to support your continued growth between sessions. I have over 22 years of experience working with teens and adults who’ve struggled with anxiety, depression, addiction and trauma in individual, couples, and family therapy settings. As a spouse of an active duty military member I have also developed a unique sensitivity to challenges of this lifestyle.

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