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ONLINE SCHEDULING AVAILABLE ( My principal specialties include patient management of anxiety, depression, women’s issues and life transitions. Our lives can be like standing on a shoreline looking at the ocean water. The waves could look beautiful and serene or seem rough and scary. At first glance, one might think that the conditions are solely dependent on what we can see, i.e. weather, much like our lives can look smooth or choppy, seemingly dependent on what’s going on around us. The reality is that the conditions of the water, and our lives, are also impacted by what’s going on below the surface.
As your therapist, we won’t just focus on what’s on the surface, we’ll explore deeper to determine what’s impacting you in ways of which you are likely unaware. This will increase your ability to effectively manage symptoms and resolve underlying issues to become the healthiest version of yourself and recognize your full potential. Together, we can do this!
If you think that we may work well together, please take a look at the “New Patient Information” page on my website, You’ll find details from scheduling your first session to arriving for your session.
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